The Health System Response Monitor (HSRM) has been designed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to collect and organize up-to-date information on how countries are responding to the crisis. It focuses primarily on the responses of health systems but also captures wider public health initiatives. This is a joint undertaking of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the European Commission, and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

Click here for policy recommendations and technical guidance from the WHO Regional Office for Europe on how to strengthen the health systems response to COVID-19 and click here for the EU coronavirus response in the area of public health.

Cross-Country Analysis: Trends and Key Lessons

Cross-country analysis of health system responses and key policy lessons, including:

  • How do the COVID-19 testing criteria differ across countries?
  • How are countries creating extra bed and ICU capacity?
  • How are countries keeping the rest of the health system operating?



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Compare Country Responses


Select different countries and compare their responses to the COVID-19 crisis.


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